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MLB Wagering Tips


How Much Should You Risk on this Showcase?

Wagering on MLB’s All-Star game is one of the more risky sports betting propositions you’ll ever encounter. The problem is the lack of consistency and cohesion on the two teams. But there are some positive aspects regarding the teams that balance out these problems.

The teams are loaded with the best of the best and pitching tends to be first rate. The manager is one of the best and the hitters are primed to prove themselves. Plus, as far as team play goes, MLB is overall an individual sport in terms of hitting and fielding. It’s true that the club has to play together, but there are fairly standard ways of doing things and they are overall related to individual effort and accomplishment.

Here are some solid tips for betting on MLB’s All-Star event.


Home Run Derby

You’ll find props on the Homer Run Derby. These proposition bets will focus on which player will win the contest, the over/under on homers hit and maybe even the over/under on the longest home run. Like so many other props, these wagers are very difficult to predict.

In choosing who will win the event, you may be able to utilize our formula in Chapter 4 that focuses on how to wager on futures. This will only be effective if you can get the right odds and bet the proper number of units that will assure you’ll make cash if any of the three or four you bet on wins. Be careful using this scheme on the Home Run Derby.

The Game—Pitching

The greatest pitchers in the game will make an appearance. Often they will go a few or even just one inning. That can lead to inconsistency but it can also yield a low run ballgame. What you need to do is carefully consider each starter and their potential to perform at their peak.

Also look at the bullpen in terms of a closer. There may be a setup guy but chances are that spot and middle relief will be made up of starters. Although the pitchers are certainly the best in the game, the fact that most are coming into a game after it has started can put them at a disadvantage. Starters often have a tough time relieving.


In 77 All-Star games, there have been seven or more runs scored in 52 games. If the over/under is at seven or eight, then chances are the over is the way to go. In the last decade, seven or more runs have been seven times. In two of those games, there have been exactly seven put on the scoreboard.

The reason for the big scoring games is related to the massive amount of hitting power on board and the necessity of managers having to play as many hurlers as they can. That means even if a pitcher is having a good game and in the groove he’s going to be taken out and a new guy will have to come in and try to keep that momentum going. That is not easy to do, and it actually gives the hitters a bit of an edge. And if the new pitcher is having trouble with control, then the balance of power definitely swings to the team that’s hitting.

Who’ll Win?

If you can get runline action, then take it. Two runs or more settles most of these games. Of course, the dilemma is deciding on which team will cover the runline. Here are a few things to take into consideration.

• Overall ERAs of those most likely to pitch.

• Each team’s batting average.

• Home run potential of each club.

• Which club has the better bench?

• How good is the manager?

If either team has a real edge in pitching, then go with them. If that’s even, then take the club with the better hitters. If you still can’t decide, then a combination of home run hitters and bench players should be considered. Finally, if you are still undecided, then go with the better manager.

Save Your Bankroll for the Rest of the Season and Playoffs

Don’t invest a lot in this event. Even though it determines home field advantage for the World Series and there’s pride involved, the fact is this is a showcase and no player or manager’s career is on the line. Wager a few units and use the All-Star break to scope out the second half of the baseball season and gear up for some hot action down the homestretch.

MLB Betting Tips

Like many sports, baseball has its own set of fans that like to bet on the outcome. Many people have been dissuaded from betting on this American pastime because of low scoring, vast number of games and seemingly random nature of events that make the game seem fairly unpredictable. However, if you learn and apply a few solid MLB betting tips, you can improve your chances of winning.

Baseball is perhaps the most statistically driven sport. Understanding how to apply categorical statistics to each game, the personnel selected and even the location can help shape your betting strategy and give you the best chance at winding up on the right side of the bet. Of course, no system is perfect and the sheer number of games means that random events that upset some strategies will occur. But fortunately there is enough information to work with to give you a better chance when applying some MLB betting tips listed here:


MLB Betting Strategy Guide

Before going further into the tips listed here for Baseball and MLB, you might want to look into several points relating to the sport – or at least consider further down the road here.
They will help you learn more about baseball and MLB, the rules, events like the World Series, betting strategies and much more; these include:

Small Ball and Fielding; important factors not considered much in baseball and betting.
Difference Makers are a few points that can really make a difference in baseball teams.
Betting on the Wild Card are tips on which team or player to keep an eye at when you want to make a baseball bet.
Over-Under is one of the most common betting types in sports betting online.
MLB Exotics are other betting options you can make online, such as futures, props, parlays, etc.
Playing Favorites covers topics related to betting on the favorite team or baseball player.
The Bullpen has some betting tips on your MLB betting in regards to the bullpen.
Run Line is a popular MLB betting option that you will most likely include within your first bets.
Top Ten Tips include the best betting tips that will keep you in the baseball betting game online.
MLB Division Series will tell you what to look for in division series baseball in regards to wagering and other.
MLB Betting Tools – what resources to use when looking into gambling online.
Betting on MLB Propositions; prop bets, side bets, recreational bets…
Betting on Starting Pitching is pretty much what you think it is – what to consider for a start bet.
The Parlay is an more risky bet, but yet, an extremely popular one.
MLB Futures is an exotic bet popular in every single sports betting.
Live MLB Betting is on the spot, live, real-time, instant-play betting while the game goes on; very exiting!
Bet on Hitting in MLB; betting on the hits per game or inning or other.
The Playoffs – with such a long MLB season, the playoffs are definitely one of the most exiting portions of it to bet on.
Money Management – how to manage your funds while betting without going all in and busting out.
World Series Betting – another of the greatest events to bet on baseball.
Tracking Wins and Loses is definitely a good point to have in mind when keeping a betting bankroll balanced.
MLB Odds, or how else will you know who to bet on and where?
MLB Lines is a betting type and aspect worth learning if you will be making some killer bets on baseball.

With all these additional tips and strategies, you should have a pretty solid idea of how to make sure bets the smart way and be the smart gambler.

Manage Your Money

Perhaps the most important aspect of betting on baseball is the careful management of the money you have to spend. If you do not keep track, you will more than likely go broke. You can use the “Unit” system of dividing your money into units to better keep track, and the “Flat” system, which is percentage based or the “Labouchere” system which is more complex, but gives you better odds of winning on MLB bets in the long run.

Set Limits

Learning how to read the odds helps considerably here. Odds of -150 should use the money line. Odds between -151 and -200 should be split at least 65/35 and odds greater than -201 should be skipped altogether unless you play the run line.

Go with the Underdog

Underdogs in Baseball generally provide enough to cover your bets on favorites. This is based on the generally lower winning percentage that even great baseball teams have during the season. It is considered quite remarkable for a team to win over 100 games, but this will include over 60 losses. Considering that sportsbooks often inflate the odds towards favorites, because most people bet on favorites, you should include a healthy amount of underdogs in your selections.

Know the Value of Pitching

Pitching may be the most important aspect of baseball, but it is also the most misunderstood when it comes to MLB betting. Teams with great pitching are generally understood to have one or two great pitchers with the rest being about the same. This means that your “average” pitcher will start most ballgames. So you will want to take into account these factors;

– Compare the starting pitchers stats on both teams.

– How have the starting pitchers performed against their respective opponents?

– How do the pitchers perform in day vs. night games?

You will also want to keep an eye on the bullpen as well. Often, a team will play two, three or even four pitchers during a game.

Hitting Percentage

Look at how a team performs against their opponents and include a separate analysis for how their pitchers perform. Note how well the batting line-up does against right and left handed pitchers, which can be very important when placing a bet.

These are just a few good MLB betting tips you can use to win more money, but definitely lots more to come in the future.

Top Ten Tips

Ten Top Tips that Will Keep You in the Game and the Money

It is a 162-game MLB season, which is the longest in professional sports. In any given week, there are around 90 or so games on which you may bet. That means if you’re not careful you could end up breaking your bank. With a six-month season facing you, here are some ways that you can ensure that you stay in the game for the long run.


Bankroll Management

Managing your bankroll is crucial. If you do not use some sound practices, including risk management, you could find yourself broke and out of the game remarkably quickly. Here are five tips related to making sure that you use your money effectively and efficiently.

1. Go into the season with enough cash. What’s enough? It is as much as you can afford. If a unit bet is $5.00, which is the minimum at some sites, than you want about $550 to $600 on hand. This will give you about 100 units with which to gamble.

2. Never risk more than 5% of your bankroll on one bet.

3. At the start of the season go slow, betting on a few games the first week or two and assessing each team.

4. Keep written records of all expenses, loses and wins. Always know your balance and how much you are in the red or black.

5. Plan to be able to bet on a month’s worth or games with your 100 units. That limits you to no more than 25 units a week, which will help protect your assets.

MLB Methodology

The manner in which you approach your sports betting is also crucial. There are methods that you can use that will help you get the most of your money. Here are five things that will assist in stretching your dollar.

6. Never bet immediately. Only place a wager after performing at least one-hour of research on the game you are betting. This does two things — First, it stops you from making quick, haphazard bets and second, it allows for informed choices.

7. Before placing your bet, check sites such as Fox Sports and ESPN for any breaking news related to the teams or game on which you’re wagering.

8. Watch as many games as you can to get a real feel for, follow each team and player.

9. Only make one bet per game, either the run line or over/under. This will stop you from overloading your bets, meaning putting too many units on one game.

10. Keep the betting simple. Stay away from parlays, props and other such bets. These are all too hard to hit, and they confuse the betting process. You can lose a lot of money fast on exotics.

Success in MLB Betting

In order to be a winner at MLB wagering, sports bettors need to pace themselves, do their homework and practice risk management. Don’t try to make up for losses by playing a parlay or throwing a lot of money on a “sure bet.” These tactics often backfire. Manage your bankroll and use sound methodology, and you’ll be a winner.